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Dr. Richard Schatz Memorial Award

By: Kathy Holton

Awards are an important part of ITC History. ITC would like to document and give a brief history of its newest award “The Dr. Richard Schatz Memorial Award”. This award became part of the ITC when Dr. Schatz passed away so very unexpectedly in 2003. Dr. Schatz was an original member and although I didn’t know him, he was probably the most important member of this club. He was our editor, our friend, our technical advisor, our Ford liaison, our driving force to become the premier club he envisioned. Dr. Schatz was the long term vision for ITC.

A long time member, friend and neighbor of Dr. Schatz, Harold Warg, proposed this award to ITC Council so that the man “Dr. Schatz” would be always remembered within ITC and the members would always feel his presence and see his vision realized. It was adopted that he and Dr. Schatz’s family would choose the first recipient of the memorial. They choose someone whom Dr. Schatz would be proud of; who worked hard to improve ITC and make it the strong, viable, premier club as you know today. The following year the choice was to be made by Harold Warg and the first recipient, the next year would be chosen by the first and second recipients, etc.

This year the recipient of the Dr. Schatz Memorial Award went to Earl Dickinson. He is a man of great character who has been very supportive to ITC. He is a friend to everyone he meets and easily becomes a very good friend. When asked for his opinion, he gives a great amount of thought and you can count on his answers to be truthful and correct. He is a man that has stepped up to help ITC, filling a void when a new District was formed, to be ITC’s newest District Advisor and council member.

Next year Earl along with Jim and Darlene Osowski will be choosing the next recipient for the Dr. Richard Schatz Memorial Award. We should all be participating and supporting ITC as Rich would have done.

ITC is still as Rich always said, “ created by serious people - just for fun ! ”