The ITC continues with its low dues for the Thunderbird enthusiast

$26/year US & Canada
$35/year for all other countries!
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ITC Treasurer

By : Kitty Mummert

All members should check the expiration date of their mailing label and if you receive a renewal notice and know you have paid your dues, you should assume it is our mistake. However, if you do not receive a copy of the Script and are not in arrears with your dues, please call or email me for a copy of the Script and I will look up and correct the ITC records. In turn, if you do not receive a renewal in the mail, please just send in your dues (if you know they are due, again look at your mailing label). Mark on the check or a separate piece of paper, your ITC Number and “RENEWAL”.

Also, for all our Canadian Members: Our bank charges ITC $10.00 for any Canadian check over $50, even if it is from a US Fund Account. I disagree with the bank and have talked to several managers but got no where. So please keep your check amount under $50 or send an additional $10.00 to cover this bank charge.

Thank you, Kitty