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ITC Librarian

My name is Karen Nowak. I am thrilled to say that I have been appointed to the position of International Thunderbird Club (ITC) Librarian. In this role, I'll serve to retain records of our publication, the "Script", among other information about the club's history. This will give the club archival support to preserve the past, present and future of the ITC.

Rick and I enjoy the scenery of Lake Michigan in a high-rise apartment building in the city of Milwaukee with our kitty Monti, a spotted (orange) tabby.

I am happy to be your club librarian. If anyone should have information you would like to share with me for ITC's archives, I'll gladly catalog anything of historical value for record retention. My contact information: e-mail Thanks!

In the "real world", Karen is a Librarian at the Concordia University, Wisconsin, serving to provide support in the day-to-day library functions. Karen says, "Providing the students & faculty with research needs is a humbling position to be in, knowing that I'm helping to prepare our young adults for the future!"

On  a personal note, Karen's hubby Rick is the proud owner of a 1978 metallic brown Thunderbird, as well as a '95. They have taken the 1978 on road trips to the 100th anniversary of the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan, the 2003 convention in Zanesville, Ohio and the 2004 convention in Lancaster, PA. (They also went to the 2005 Waukesha, WI Convention)

Welcome aboard, Karen!