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Karen Nowak - Librarian

Looking for a specific technical article or an article one of your ITC friends wrote for the Thunderbird Script but you do not recall which issue it was in? Soon there will be a way to search for the issue you are on the road to find. As your club librarian, I will provide a synopsis of the articles, along with key words to link you to that and other articles with that subject. This will be a new service available only to ITC members. Stay posted for further details in using this searching capacity.

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Message from the International Thunderbird Club (ITC) Librarian’s Desk

By Karen Nowak, ITC Librarian

What does the International Thunderbird Club (ITC) Librarian do? I have the fun of being able to provide service to enthusiasts and friends below. Being given this opportunity is very exciting to me. Please check me out on the club website

My main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Keeping a copy of each issue of the “Thunderbird Script” in my ITC Library
  • Maintaining the ITC’s materials for reference and historical purposes.

In addition to keeping copies of every Thunderbird Script issued, I might house other publications written by ITC members. I would need help from the members to do this and believe in having permission before adding a copy. I need to obtain as much club material as possible in order to have the collection be complete. I know you members can assist me in accomplishing this goal.

I will maintain the International Thunderbird Club Library materials for reference, as well as historical purposes. The Thunderbird Script issues within the library will not be available to lend. However, as librarian, I will help with any requests for information you may have. The historical value is in having a central location to maintain the publication to preserve the ITC’s history for the past, the present, and the future.

Please feel free to contact me about any publications you would be willing to donate to the club’s library. Direct any comments, questions, or requests to me at Thanks for your assistance in helping me do my job in this newly appointed position. My husband Rick and I are very much looking forward to meeting you all at the convention.