Advertising/Classified Manager
Technical Advisor
North West District Advisor
: Don Holton

I joined the ITC in 1996 and have met some really great people here! Being a certified Ford NUT for just about my entire life ( and "The Guy From Elmira"), I have been playing in the old car hobby since I was a kid! Even spent a few years as a Ford Assistant Car Service Manager and then Heavy Truck Service Manager before moving on.

My Parents brought me up on new Ford Convertibles during the 60's and infected me with the old car bug, as they collected Model T's & A's . While in College during the Summer of 1978 they finally saw the light and purchased their first Thunderbird, a 1978 T-Roof Convertible optioned car. A couple months later, I purchased my first Thunderbird a 1978 Diamond Jubilee.

We have both of these cars to this day and the Thunderbird bug has bitten many times since and I now keep the 1977-79 Thunderbird Registry and am a Special Interest Auto Appraiser.

Don & Kathy Holton