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ITC Members Spotted at Hershey, PA Fall 2003

Photographs: By Don Holton

Bob's Bird House
1958-66 Thunderbird Specialist

Bob Mench

57 Thunderbird

Melvin Hoffer
Palmyra, PA

Carol and Dennis Connor
Syracuse, NY

Thunderbirds East
1955-57 and 1967-80 Thunderbird Parts

Andy Loveless, Icen Nelson and Mike Suter

1958-60 Squarebirds

John Young, Ellicott City, MD
Tom Young Baltimore, MD (Members)
Carl Heller (Owner)
Orwigsburg, PA

1959 Thunderbird

Harold and Lori Warg
West Hazelton, PA

Frank and Jean Starkes
Claverack, NY

Carol Connor, Sandy Schatz, Lori Warg, Harold Warg and Dennis Connor

Amy Shatz & Friends
Harold and Lori Warg

1964 Thunderbird

Sandy Schatz
Sugarloaf, PA

1959 Thunderbird

Lori and Harold Warg
East Hazelton, PA