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What is the ITC?

Do I have to be a member of the ITC to attend Conventions?

Do I have to bring a car to the convention?

What years are supported? And how are they supported?

Does the ITC have formal judging? If so, are there any other classes?

Does my car have to be judged?

What happens during a convention?

Must I attend EVERY day of the convention?

How do I find out about ITC events that are close to where I live?

What is the cost of membership?

What are the benefits of membership?

In the past, I've rejected joining (or staying with) other clubs because they only seem interested in purely technical issues and winning at shows? What are the views of this ITC concerning this?

The ITC professes to be international? Does the club actually have members from overseas?

How old is the ITC, and how many members does it currently have?

Does the ITC foster a family atmosphere?

Does the ITC have merchandise?

What do I do to become a member?