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Fords Around the World

The International Thunderbird Club (ITC)  is starting a new program to get in touch with American Ford, and more precise Thunderbird owners, around the world. We want to promote our club to a broad audience of car enthusiasts and at the same time build an international friendship. 

We are a family of Thunderbird owners, with currently 19 chapters and over 900 members in 8 countries. We accept all years of Thunderbirds, have our own award-winning magazine and website, and host a yearly international convention, which in August 2005 will be held in Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA.

We are starting a special item in our bi-monthly clubmagazine, ‘The Script’, and on our website in which we will list our ‘befriended’ clubs, with their contact information and website.

Clubs who join “Fords Around the World” will also have the opportunity to have an article published in our magazine in which we will introduce your club to our international membership. This article can include a short history of your club, what cars are accepted, events organised and a (colour) picture of one of your meetings.

Furthermore, you  can have one event listed in our ‘International Events Calendar’.

The benefit of this program is obvious. Your club will have its contact information published in each edition of ‘The Script’ and on our website. This means year-round FREE publicity for your club.

In return, the ITC asks you to publish our contact information in each edition of your own club magazine and on your website, with mentioning that you have joined the International Thunderbird Club’s “Fords Around the World” program.

We also ask that you publish an article about the ITC in your magazine and announce our yearly international convention.

As we are contacting several clubs, you will understand that the sooner you decide to join our program, the sooner your club will be introduced in our magazine. We will be starting this in our March/April issue. In each issue, two clubs will be introduced. Your contact information and event will ofcourse be listed as soon as you join our program.

We are also limiting the number of clubs who can join to three per country. We want to include one Thunderbird Club, one Ford Club and one American Car Club.

If you are a Thunderbird club, you also have the option to become affilitated with the ITC. If four of your members decide to join our club, your club becomes a pending chapter. When ten of your members join, your club gets a full chapter status and thereby becomes part of our ITC family. Of course, this is by no means an obligation.

We hope that you will find our proposition interesting and we look forward to having your club join the ‘Fords Around the World’.

If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with me.


Tim Roosen
ITC European Representative
Wildebamp 3
B-3800 Sint-Truiden, BELGIUM